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Acting DefMin thanks Germany for support in treating Romanian Covid-19 patients

November 30, 2021

Acting Defense Minister Nicolae Ciuca had a meeting on Wednesday with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Romania, Peer Gebauer, and discussed the ways to intensify the collaboration between the two states in the field of defense, as well as the current topics on the current security agenda of NATO and the European Union.According to a release of the Ministry of National Defense, Minister Nicolae Ciuca expressed his appreciation for the commitment of the Federal Republic of Germany in the implementation of deterrence and defense measures dedicated to the Allied Eastern Flank, in particular in the Black Sea area, pointing out, in this context, the participation for the first time in Romania, in 2021, of the German Air Force in Enhanced Air Policing (eAP) missions.The Romanian official stressed the importance of continuing the joint conduct of bilateral and multinational exercises, in order to increase interoperability and confirm mutual commitment, in the spirit of allied solidarity. At the same time, the Romanian side expressed the maintenance of the commitment in the implementation of the projects associated with the German initiative subsumed to the Framework Nation Concept, as well as the continuous support and participation in the process of establishing large units of army corps level.Bringing to attention the additional challenges to security, determined by the current pandemic context, Minister Ciuca emphasised the importance of deepening cooperation in cyber defense and military medicine. In this context, the Romanian minister thanked the German official for the considerable support provided to the treatment and transfer to Germany of the seriously ill COVID-19 patients, the quoted source said.Another topic on the agenda was the cooperation between the two countries in the NATO and EU format, in the current security context, with a focus on the Allied deterrence and defence posture, but also on the efforts to design stability, respectively issues relating to cooperation within the framework of the EU's defence initiatives. (Photo:https://www.mapn.ro/fotodb/20211117_1/aaa)

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