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ForMin Odobescu: Republic of Moldova is in front line of hybrid war orchestrated by Kremlin

February 27, 2024

  The Republic of Moldova is "in the front line of the hybrid war orchestrated by the Kremlin," stated, on Tuesday, the minister of Foreign Affairs, Luminita Odobescu, in a joint press statement with her counterpart from Chisinau, Mihai Popsoi, visiting Bucharest."The Republic of Moldova is in the front line of the hybrid war orchestrated by the Kremlin. The last two years have been extremely difficult for the administration in Chisinau, faced with an unprecedented wave of destabilizing actions and provocations. We see attempts at manipulation and various visibly orchestrated actions from outside. Unfortunately for those who finance such plans and fortunately for the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau has resisted and will resist. It is strengthening its institutional capacities, it is in full process of reforms and, above all, the country is firmly anchored in its European path," Odobescu said.The head of Romanian diplomacy showed her conviction that Minister Mihai Popsoi will act "decisively" to strengthen the resilience and security of the Republic of Moldova. She emphasized that the neighboring country "enjoys the strong, sustainable and multidimensional support of Bucharest".Luminita Odobescu assured Mihai Popsoi of the efforts made for the Republic of Moldova to remain a priority on the European Union's agenda and pleaded for a sustainable and lasting accession process."Romania will continue to support Chisinau, firmly, throughout this process," the Romanian minister added, highlighting that the reform efforts of the Republic of Moldova are "visible" and "appreciated".According to Luminita Odobescu, unfortunately, Russia continues the war of aggression against Ukraine and the "regional destabilization" actions."Ukraine's victory is indispensable for the security and stability of the Black Sea region. The support of the international community does not only support Ukraine, but defends the principles and norms of the rules-based international order," she explained."The Republic of Moldova will never be alone, including at the European and international level," the Romanian Foreign minister also pointed out.In his turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Popsoi, thanked his Romanian counterpart for the decision of the European Council last December to start EU accession negotiations with Chisinau.He stated that, in the current international context, there is a "close", "intense" communication between Chisinau and Bucharest."The last two years have been a great challenge for the Republic of Moldova, but also an opportunity to transform positively, on the path of European integration. In this process, we have benefited from massive assistance from Romania in the development, modernization and resilience of our state. We appreciate the solid, permanent support of the Romanian diplomacy, the Government, Parliament, the Presidency, including the MEPs who helped us to obtain this important decision of the European Council of December 14," he said.The head of diplomacy in Chisinau recalled that this year marks ten years since the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia."We continue to strongly condemn the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which represents a serious violation of international law and the commitments assumed by the Russian Federation. The victory of Ukraine is indispensable for the security and stability of the Black Sea region. The support of the international community does not only come in support of Ukraine, but in defence of international law-based principles and norms," said Mihai Popsoi.  

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