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Nicolae Ciuca, about the decision regarding the compensation of the fuel price: That is what could be given from the state budget

July 21, 2022

The president of the National Liberal Party (PNL – in ruling coalition), Nicolae Ciuca, said on Monday, after the PNL BPN meeting, about the decision on compensating the fuel price,that the decision was taken in the coalition and it was not a debate, a dispute that gives more. “I want all the citizens of the country to know that this is the reality, that’s all we could ensure from the state budget,” he said. Ciuca showed that there was no specific discussion of what would happen at private gas stations, if they had to apply this price reduction.   Nicolae Ciuca showed: ‘Personally, I would have liked to ensure higher compensation but at present, I want all citizens to know, that is the reality, that is what we could ensure from the state budget’.   The premier said that ‘he discussed with the people in the industry, as he does not want to have in Romania limitation of the fuel quantities which could be bought at the pump’.    ‘Through this measure, we tried to make sure that the necessary quantity of fuel exists for the economic activities. We do not annul those already in force, this is a complementary measure. And similarly, I want to say, we had this discussion in the BPN about all the elements taking into consideration the reality. Romania at present, can ensure a quarter of the own production of oil, a ton of national oil, we have to import three and some oil or oil products, as diesel is not produced in the country. These are the elements of reality we take into consideration’ Ciuca said.    ‘I don’t think we have to create expectation that somebody could do more and they didn’t. I state with all responsibility (…).That is why we took a period of three months, taking into account that the market is volatile’ Nicolae Ciuca said.   About the way in which the measure will be implemented, Ciuca said that the measure will be finalised in an emergency ordnance to be put to value.   Asked if he can guarantee that on Friday the fuel price will be reduced in all filling stations, including the private ones, the premier said :’ The private environment is free to establish their own measures and the way in which they do their business. At present, the regulation is at the level of the government and it will include the whole spectre. We did not discuss in detail what is going to happen with the private filling stations’.

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