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OMV Petrom's new strategy for 2030 sets out ambitious environmental targets

November 30, 2021

In its new strategy for 2030, energy company OMV Petrom sets itself new, more ambitious environmental targets, in line with the Fit for 55 proposals, company CEO Christina Verchere told a specialist conference on Monday.According to her, the company has already reduced its carbon footprint by 26 percent compared to 2010."This was our goal for 2025 and we have already attained it four years earlier. We have also started to build charging stations for electric vehicles at our gas stations, and our goal is to equip 80 stations with chargers, fast chargers included, by the end of next year," she told the forum Efficient Romania - Buildings and the Fit for 55 Package.In addition, the company will increase the biofuels blending capacity of the Petrobrazi refinery, and is also looking at new technologies, such as carbon capture and neutralization, or the use of hydrogen, which will most likely get in use by 2050."We have a strategy for 2030 that we will publish at the beginning of December, where we will set ourselves more ambitious targets, in line with the Fit for 55 goals. It is very important for us to do this, as the largest energy company in Romania," said Verchere.OMV Petrom announced that on December 7, 2021 it will release and present its 2030 Strategy, which will reflect the company's growth plans and its commitment to the energy transition in the context of climate change. 

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