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The minister of energy: Romania will build with American, Canadian and French partners the two reactors in Cernavoda

October 24, 2021

Decarbonisation without nuclear energy is impossible, that is why, Romania will build with American, Canadian and French partners the two reactors in Cernavoda, announced on Wednesday the minister of energy Virgil Popescu  following the plenary session’ Building a green future – getting to net zero’. Moderated by John Kerry, special envoye of the president of US for Climate.    ‘In the plenary session ‘Building a green future – getting to net zero’ moderated by John Kerry – the special envoye of the US president for Climate, I had a speech to present the position of my country. I sent the message that our country supports the desire for zero emissions until 2050 and in the process of decarburization of the energy system we will involve the nuclear sector. Decarburization without nuclear energy is impossible. That is why Romania will build with the American, Canadian and French partners the two reactors in Cernavoda and, at the same time, we offer great attention to the SMR technology. I am glad that at the level of session conclusions, Romania’s position with regard to the nuclear energy we will take it over’ Virgil Popescu writes on Facebook.   The two nuclear reactors of the unit in Cernavoda ensure almost 20% of the energy production of the country. Romania has had in prospect for many years the construction of another two reactors. The agreement between the Romanian government and the government of the United States regarding cooperation in connection with the nuclear-energetic projects in Cernavoda and the sector of nuclear civil energy, was signed in Bucharest, on 9th December 2020 and in Upper Marlboro on 4th December 2020.  (Photo:https://www.facebook.com/VirgilDPopescu/photos/pcb.2976689645903436/2976689435903457/) Additional to the present projects, the project of unit 3 and 4 and the retechnologisation of unit 1 CNE Cernavoda,the agreement includes long and very long cooperation through the chance of developing modular reactors in Romania, on a site to be establish, with the view to ensuring flexibility and nuclear technology.  

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