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Undelucram.ro: What were the highest and lowest net salaries in 2023

April 23, 2024

The highest net salaries in 2023 were in IT, energy, and manufacturing, and the lowest was in manufacturing, accounting, administrative&operations and sales, according to data provided by over one million users of Undelucram.ro, the largest online community of employees in Romania.   Thus, in 2023, the highest salary was recorded in IT, with a value of 33,000 lei net per month, 8.9% more than in 2022. On the other hand, the value of the average and minimum salary in IT increased much less (around 200-250 lei) to 7,654 lei net per month and 2,650 lei net per month correspondingly.   IT and energy saw the highest maximum salaries last year, but also the highest pay rises, with the advance being 2,700 lei in IT and 2,480 lei in energy.   The “highest salaries with the lowest values” were in areas such as customer support, accounting and administrative/operations, with values around 10,000 lei net per month.   For a significant proportion of the areas analyzed (marketing, procurement, administrative/operations, accounting, support services) the average salary increased by around 10% in 2023, but there were also much higher increases. Thus, in energy, the average salary increased in 2023 by about 25% and in legal services by 15%.   The first year in which the minimum wage passed 2,000 lei net monthly. Energy – the sector with the highest minimum wage.   The value of minimum wages has also increased in each industry, but not significantly ( in the range of 100-340 lei), according to Undelucram.ro analysis.   The biggest increase of the minimum wage was in energy from 2,350 to 2,690 (340 lei), followed by HR, with an increase of around 300 lei of the monthly net minimum wage.   The highest minimum wages in 2023 were in energy (2,690), IT (2,650 lei) and procurement (2,450 lei).   In contrast, the lowest minimum wages were in production (2,050 lei), sales, administrative/operations and customer support, all three with a minimum wage of 2,100 lei.   At the same time, last year in all fields the minimum wage was above 2,000 lei, compared to 2022, when there were still sectors (such as production, HR, marketing, administrative/operations, customer support) where employees earned 1,900 lei. The increase was driven by the fact that the net minimum wage in the economy was raised in October to 2,079 (from 1,898), with around 1.9 million employees benefiting from this government measure.   “Our analysis shows that wages increased in 2023 in all areas and across all value segments. Thus, the shortage of candidates in the market is driving employers to make even more efforts in finding the right people, and this comes with a better calibration between their profiles and the right salary expectations. At the same time, the annual change in the consumer price index has put and may put even more pressure on wage increases. However, beyond inflation or lack of people, an important factor in the evolution of salaries in the coming years will be their mandatory transparency in the European Union, a necessary step that we have believed in since 2011 when we launched the Undelucram platform”, said Costin Tudor, CEO and founder of Undelucram.ro.   Undelucram.ro users communicate their salaries transparently and openly within the platform, and HR specialists can also find out more about salaries through the Salary Report service.   The Report is a tool for HR specialists to access information about the salaries for specific jobs. With the help of more than 400,000 salaries collected from Undelucram.ro users over the last 12 months maximum together with the Artificial Intelligence algorithm, up-to-date and accurate metrics such as average salaries, median salaries, quartiles and other metrics are extracted.

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